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Is that your phone you feel vibrating?


Let’s have a moment of honesty.  If you’ve ever (or in many cases frequently) thought your phone was vibrating in your pocket, despite mentally noting that it is set to audible instead of vibrate, but after checking it you slip it back in your pocket with a “Hmmph.”  <Raises hand>  This is an interesting article from Mental Floss about a study conducted that shows 68% of respondents experienced “phantom cellphone vibrations.”  LOL!

Kyle Busch Wins NASCAR Sprint Cup California Race 2014

When it comes to NASCAR news and drivers, Kyle Busch is almost always in it.  Either for doing something spectacularly awesome (like sweeping the Nationwide and Sprint Cup NASCAR races last year and then coming out in the cup car and going i this year. 

Awesome looking flaming art of some kind with red and green flames covering Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr’s car

Older brother Kurt Busch is good, but that’s got to be tough to have your younger brother come in and show you how it’s done,  LOL!  A little more consistency though ol’ Rowdy so you can get a championship like your brother.   

Kyle Busch has won more NASCAR races across the Truck, Nationwide and Sprint Cup series than ANY OTHER DRIVER!

These guys NASCAR NEWS HEADQUARTERS called Kyle Busch to win the California race today and he damned sure did so they’ve got my mark.  Keep on singing that song Kyle “Let’s give ‘em somethin to talk about…” 

Hahahaha love the cowboy hat.  OK not really.  Whatever I guess„what kind of NASCAR fan doesn’t stomach a cowboy hat?  The dude is EXTREMELY talented driving NASCAR and probably has more hates than actual fans.  And I’m down with that.  Congrats on your win today Kyle Busch.